Quitting, I’m sorry….

I know I promise you guys that I’d return to blogging ay-sap…

But it’s just not working for me, sorry. I really hope that maybe I can return back as a Massie or a Kristen or maybe even a Claire. I’m sorry Alicia fans but my personality does not suit Alicia at all!!! She’s very diva-ish and very model gorgeous like and she’s very spoiled. Dylan’s more my type, fun and not afraid to burp in front of boys lol.

I’ll tell y’all if I ever change my mind on blogging as Dylan and I promise to keep this site open so that you guys can come on, leave comments, leave advice, and BEG ME TO COME BACK!!!

It’s true, though. I really don’t feel like blogging now that I’m in the eleventh grade and thinking about colleges is more of what I should be doing…. or maybe I can make a college blog! How could would that be?? I just want to say that, Jana Nicole, you won’t be seeing anymore of me on WP anymore. I hope you’re happy. 

So back to what I was saying. My parents aren’t allowing me to go on the computer very often these days. School just started today (August 29th) and things are crazy. My parents are much more strict than Dylan’s and I’m not allowed to go on the computer AT ALL in September, October, and November unless it’s to type a report or something. I can check my email but I have a time limit -,- which sucks. In December and some of January my mom says I can use the computer. Then February, March, and during April there’s spring break so I can go on the computer then, and then there’s May, June, and July’s summer holiday. I get to go on the computer all the time.


And also the unbelievable end of July is work. I have to start preparing for senior year. My SATs and college applications must be sent out at the beginning. Lots of things to do this year and the following. I don’t even want to think about it. I’m probably one of the oldest role-playing girls on WP or any other site 🙂

Anyways I hope you guys won’t be too unhappy with me, and I’ll surely try my best. This is the last post you’ll be seeing/reading for a while.

Love, Dylan M♥/Kirsty Piper♥



Well, it is summer and girlies you sure know what that means!! I’m going to Scotland for three weeks at a camp, and I am going to be MIA for a month and a half. I’ll return to blogging ay-sap once I land in New York again. I hope you guys have all enjoyed your summer, and by the time I get back I am expecting a lot of comments! Love y’all forever!


I need to think….

             Weather this is useful or not……….

I don’t understand. People used to leave me tons of questions. I have none! Please, I’m not going to leave again. Unless….. unless you force me to. I’m sorry, but maybe Dylan just needs a break. Maybe I need a break. I promise to come back to you WP fans of moi as soon as I can, but I need to know “why” I should. No fans, what’s the point? I might blog as Claire or Kristen or Massie and Alicia, but Dylan’s just not getting any fans at the moment….. I’d really like to see some fans. Anyways, I’m still keeping this blog, but this will be the last post unless I get some comments up to date.

You know you love me [hopefully],

Dylan Marvil

My ah-mazing trip

Hey peeps!

So as you all know, I went off to Aspen for my spring break<3 I am in love with the snow there, cute Russian and British boyzzzz, ah-nnoying PC wannabe’s of Mass and I, etc. Truth is, Aspen and I were SO hot that even the snow couldn’t cool us off 🙂 So the pic above is a pic of me, having my ah-dorable boy (hopefully FRIEND as the last word) took for me. We bumped into each other when I slipped and jammed on to his snowboard.

I love it when he talks. In his cute, sexy accent I ah-dore him a lot. But he ALWAYS KEPT STARRING AT A PICTURE OF ALICIA I SHOWED HIM!!!!! ;( So later I pulled him into a corner and asked him who he liked. He scrolled down to a single picture of Alicia and pointed to it. “This hot brunette” and I almost wanted to just slap him, informing him that if he wanted to come back to Westchester, he could at least respect that Alicia was dating Josh.

During my trip to Aspen, I learned that there will always be hotter people in the world than you (sigh). For example, Chace Crawford didn’t just spend that long fixing his hair in the mirror before his date with Carrie Underwood for nothing!

He did it out of love!

And right now, with that British hottie (Malcolm) I am bound to score a date to the OCD Farewell Summer Dance. But all students are required to bring a date, so I was just wondering about bringing Malcolm if only he’d stop gazing dreamily at Alicia. Picture this scene the last time I brought him to Westchester:

Malcolm: Wanna dance? (asking Alicia)

Alicia: No, thanks (giggling uncontrollably). I have a date here somewhere, and he’s just fixing his hair up in the bathroom. But you’re welcome to escort me to the salad bar.

Malcolm: Oh (disappointed)

Alicia: (waving at Josh eagerly, making Malcolm even more jealous). Honey, meet Malcolm. Malcolm, meet Josh.

Josh: Hey, dude. Wassup?

Malcolm: Question. Would you mind (pointing at me) escorting her to a dance, and leaving this beautiful, untouchable martyr to me?

Josh, staring at Malcolm puzzled, pulled Alicia away on to the dance floor as he rolled his gorgeous brown eyes at Malcolm’s sexy blue ones.

So I guess you understand how persuasive and embarrassing some guys can be. Truth was, I can’t deny it but Josh has always had a little itty-bitty crush on Claire. He still does, but he only told me since I would NEH-VEH tell anyone…. except for maybe Malcolm and Claire.

When you need someone, here’s

Dylan Marvil

Like it or not….

You’re here now

Oh my god!

I’m so sorry that, well, D. Marvil is already here is like it or not. Nothing can keep me away from trying to rule (as a PC) and nothing can keep me away from doing the things I love:

Shopping, Eating (Buuurping), Hanging out with the PC, Failing at Spanish, BOYZZZZZ, watching random things like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, Shooting the Marvilous Marvils and etc.

Truth is, I’ve never really had anyone tell me I was pretty, except for the pretty committee and my Mom, but honestly–not even Derrington has called me that yet, not even J.T. or Tennis Star Brady Erickson. No one has.

Girls, am I pretty?

If you think I’m ‘pretty’, please leave a note for me in the comment box. If you think I am ‘not pretty’, please do so as well 🙂


My (ugh) hair

Do you want to know how my hair looks like these days??


Forget it. A gamma needs to be popular, so why should I show it to you? Who knows, maybe you’re that Strawberry who’s trying to jeopardize my spot in the PC. Forget you! 😉

So… moving on!

Dylan’s signature color is red. So maybe not all the time, but mainly, I will be posting and updating in R-E-D 😀 Please tell me what you think about this post and if I get some comments, I will continue to post. If not, I will simply just wait (Shh! In order to become an alpha, I have to have confidence 🙂



It’s Friday, Friday, Friday….

But I hate it, hate it, hate it it!


If anyone can hit the Oscar awards for the worst song in the entire decade, it has to be Rebecca Black’s Friday. If you have not heard it, I advise you to just…. keep cool, and realize how lucky you truly are 🙂

By the way, has anyone been totally amazed at how quickly I am posting and updating now? Yup, I am back. And for good, too!

Just a big shout-out to those who decided to keep up with me and comment even if I was MIA for, like, over a year. Thanks! And to those haters, well, get a life. I can’t care enough about how miserable your life is at the moment 😉

So a homework overload has been set by the teachers at WCA. I cannot believe they’d ever want to torture us! Ugh, this means I have to go to Massie’s blog and ask her what we are going to do about this. Hmm…. copy Kristen’s? Maybe.

So as you can tell, it IS Friday and I am feeling more and more hatred for Rebecca Black, and a lot of sympathy as well as, too. I mean, have you seen her? The girl is only 13…. what do you expect her to be like? Taylor Swift? Lmfao, Taylor is already 2o years old! Maybe Rebecca still has a lot to learn before she gets into the fame property….